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The World’s Best White Cotton Sheets


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These Bed Sheets are Amazingly Comfortable.

Our Crisp, Cool Cotton Luxury Sheets.
Your Bed Will Thank You Every Night!

Luxury Cotton Sheets

Outrageous Comfort for a Perfect Night's Sleep
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Simply the finest luxury cotton Percale sheets. Attention to every detail, just like a custom tailor-made shirt. 100% finest US-grown Pima cotton. 500 thread count. Meticulously sewn craftsmanship. Oversized pockets fit all mattresses.

Bamboo Bedding

Perfect Soft Feel from 100% Renewable Resources
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Meticulously crafted with the percale weave, these sheets are made from 100% Bamboo fiber. Amazing silk-like feel. Machine washable & natural wrinkle-resistant. Made to fit your mattress. Natural finish. You'll enjoy these fine sheets.

MicroCotton Bath Towels

Super Absorbency with Plush Comfort and Style
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Crafted with the finest 100% cotton and the same special process as our sheets, these bath towels are rated “best” by Real Simple magazine. Our towels resist linting and retain their rich colors after use.

Goose Down Comforters

The World's Best Goose Down Comforters from Hungary
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We offer three comforter selections: Our “best” filled with the finest larger cluster Hungarian goose down, our luxury down at a special price, and down alternative at a true bargain price.

Goose Down Pillows

Impeccable Quality from the World's Best Goose Down
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Fluffy comfort inside our down pillows come in three selections: our “best in class” Hungarian goose down pillows, as well as our luxury down pillows, and our alternative down pillows for a perfect night’s sleep.

Granny Blankets

Award-Winning Style & 100% Cotton, Soft Like Cashmere
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Our Thomas Lee 100% Cotton Granny Blankets are truly one-of-a-kind. Our oversized blankets are heirloom quality that provide unheard-of comfort for years to come. The perfect weight for all seasons and are machine-washable.

Luxury Mattress Pads

The Perfect Complement to any Thomas Lee Bedding
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Our mattress pads are delicately constructed with the finest 100% cotton. An excellent complement to any Thomas Lee bedding, our mattress pads fit perfectly to all mattresses, are machine washable, and come with our natural pure finish.

Reversible Bath Rugs

A Perfect Complement to Our Microcotton Towels
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Available in colors to match our towel collection, these impeccable bath rugs are made of the finest 100% cotton, using our ultra fine ring-spun yarn. Generous sizes. Resist linting and will retain their vibrant colors for years to come.