About Thomas Lee

Thomas Lee Ltd. is owned and managed by Tom Muscalino and Lee Goodrich. We have spent a combined total of over 50 years with two of the leading U.S. home textile companies – WestPoint Pepperell and Dan River. We served in various management positions in both companies, and Tom was President of both.

At Thomas Lee we know from our professional experience how to provide the absolute best quality home textile products that maximize value and long lasting comfort. We also understand that what some suppliers call luxury or top of the line quality is, in fact, lacking in many ways resulting in disappointed and confused consumers.

We believe the quality conscious consumer is interested in lasting value and seeks information to enable wise investments in personal products. We see an opportunity to educate discerning people about the aspects of quality home textiles as well as offer only one quality – the best.

By offering our luxury home textiles directly and avoiding the high markup of traditional retailers we are able to offer you the world’s best bed and bath linens at an extraordinary price including free shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 United States on orders of $150 or more. Whether for your own use or as a gift to those who appreciate owning the best, our products are guaranteed to exceed your highest expectations.

Our Philosophy

Like anything truly worth owning, Thomas Lee offers luxury home textiles that are an investment in you and those you care about. Thomas Lee searches for products that meet its exacting criteria for providing the finest bed and bath products at attractive prices. We are very selective and prefer not to be all things to all people. We serve discerning consumers who want the best product available at a reasonable price. Like any good investment, our products offer an excellent return and will provide lasting enjoyment for many years to come.