Celebrating the Everything Woman Who Does Everything

As a national brand, we have a social responsibility to help make a difference in people’s lives. And Thomas Lee Sheets has selected to celebrate and empower women who go above and beyond to change the lives of others. We want to hear inspirational stories about women who have overcome obstacles, helped and encouraged others. We honor her and all women as the Everything Woman.

There isn’t a perfect definition of the Everything Woman because we know not every woman is the same.

  • She’s the woman who took a risk by leaving her cushy 9 to 5 job, followed her passion and started her own business.
  • She is the woman who dedicated her life to service, by fighting for our country, fighting crime or fighting fires.
  • She’s the woman who works a full-time job to support her children then goes to night classes to create a better life for her family.
  • She’s the stay-at-home mom who not only runs around everywhere with her children, but she has devoted her life to volunteerism and bettering the lives of people in her community.

Meet Our Everything Woman

We received so many amazing and inspirational nominations from across the country, it was difficult for our committee at Thomas Lee Sheets to pick out a winner. But we narrowed it down to one inspiring woman. Our Everything Woman for December 2018 is… Marcy Warner-Reilly – Phoenix, AZ Marcy Warner-Reilly has been nominated as a Thomas Lee Sheets Everything Woman.Marcy Warner-Reilly was nominated by Marilyn Joy-Kolesar. Marcy was Marilyn’s student-teacher in high school more than 40 years ago. Marcy has been an art teacher for 50 years and still loves to go to work every day. Marilyn says that Marcy is one of the most committed teachers she has ever known. Even though she could have retired years ago, Marcy not only goes to work each day with a smile on her face but manages to promote her students’ artwork by framing, documenting and then lugging around hundreds of paintings and drawing to competitions. When it comes to her students, Marcy will do almost anything to see them through their dreams, whether that means going to college or helping them find a career that they will love. She also does hours and hours of community service with her students. Marcy will be presented with a $1,000 check from the Thomas Lee Endowment Fund that is funded by a percentage of Thomas Lee Sheets sales. Our committee at Thomas Lee Sheets did have a runner-up that we wanted to present a special prize too as well. The runner-up in our Everything Woman program is…

Terri Lee Clark – Boones Mill, VA

Thomas Lee Sheets wants to shine a light on the Everything Woman in your life who goes above and beyond to impact the lives of others.Terri Lee Clark was nominated by her husband JT Clark. JT says that Terri is an Everything Woman for several reasons. He says not only has she helped him to battle depression, but she also set aside her career to become a stay-at-home mom to their three little girls. Terri has also volunteered as a firefighter/paramedic and continues to serve their community as an EMT. She also serves their community Public Safety Department as a volunteer chaplain. Terri and JT started a ministry known as My Brothers’ Crossing and she speaks about the importance of marriage and commitment. Terri works in prison ministry and also visits those in hospitals and nursing homes. JT says she does all of this while also battling debilitating health conditions. Terri will be presented with a brand new Thomas Lee Sheets set. Terri has already told us that the sheets will go perfectly with the new design in her bedroom!

Inspirational Stories About Extraordinary Women in Our Communities

Rachelle Summers – Steamboat Springs, CO Rachelle Summers has been nominated as a Thomas Lee Sheets Everything Woman. Rachelle Summers was nominated by her son Erik Summers. Erik says that his mother and father divorced 10 years ago and during that time he grew very close to his mother. Erik says Rachelle has been the driving force behind all of his goals and accomplishments. Rachelle is his teacher, best friend and closest confidant. Erik said that he and his sister has faced many hardships and their lives and his mother has never left their side and has offered wise advice to help them get through anything. Rachelle has taught her children to be intelligent, to be strong and to be a good person as they traverse the unpredictable road of life. He says that Rachelle is kind, compassionate, respectful, intelligent, strong, funny and impresses him every single day with how she has tackled the responsibility of being a mother and father to him and his sister. Erik says he can’t put into words how he loves and appreciates his mother and he hopes that one day he can repay her for the infinite amount of support that he has given him.   Julie Davidson – Salt Lake City, UT Julie Davidson has been nominated for Thomas Lee Sheets Everything Woman. Julie Davidson was nominated by her father Charles Walton. Charles says that Julie is a single mom of two teenage daughters. Following a divorce, Julie returned to school and spent long hours of studying to gain her certification as a school teacher. Julie supports herself and daughters by teaching art. She loves teaching art to elementary children so much that she gave up a secure, full-benefitted teaching position at the junior high level just so that she could help kids get a good start in life. Charles says that Julie has implemented an art program that meshes with and supports the educational curriculum that is taught to all different grade levels. Her students adore her, and the parents appreciate her so much that they support her salary by holding an annual Arts Festival that is, according to her principal, unlike anything else in the state of Utah. Julie also uses the little extra money she has leftover from her salary to help pay for school supplies for her students out of her own pocket. She is passionate about the importance of art as a foundational element of education, and in fact, test scores at her school have improved since she started teaching children about plants, planets, math, literature and history in their art classes.   Julie Moynihan – West Hartford, CT Julie Moynihan has been nominated as a Thomas Lee Sheets Everything Woman.Julie Moynihan was nominated by her daughter Kimberly Moynihan. Kimberly says her mother lives by the mantra “Count your blessings” but Kimberly says her mother truly is a blessing to every life she has touched. Julie was a dedicated kindergarten teacher for 35 years and spent her days teaching underprivileged kids math and reading, but also how to sing, dance and dream. Julie’s caregiving didn’t end when she left the classroom. She took on the role as family caregiver and takes care of her aging father, who is suffering from dementia. Julie also flew frequently to Florida to ensure that her great uncle didn’t die alone. And most recently, Julie drove to Virginia to help a great aunt pack up her house after her husband passed away and opened up her home to her great aunt. Kimberly says her mother inspires her to build a life around purpose, around people and around gratitude.   Brigitte Pailet – Mandeville, LA Brigitte Pailet has been nominated as a Thomas Lee Sheets Everything Woman.Brigitte Pailet was nominated by her fiancé Neil Rabin. Neil says Brigitte was a successful news reporter, spokesperson on the Home Shopping Network channel and the CEO of a successful food basket company in Los Angeles, but gave it all up to take care of her father, stepfather and mother. When Brigitte’s father suffered a massive heart attack, she arranged to be able to work from her mother’s home in New Orleans and help nurse him back to health. A year later after his recovery, he suffered a devastating stroke. While Brigitte was helping him recover, she found out he was in financial crisis. She worked to tirelessly and spent her savings to stabilize his finances and find her father a facility to help take care of him. A few months later, Brigitte’s stepfather was diagnosed with a rare terminal cancer. She found the best oncologist in Los Angeles and flew her stepfather and mother out there so he could have surgery. When the cancer came back six months later, she flew back to New Orleans and arranged for him to be treated at a hospital in Houston, TX. She stayed with him, but unfortunately, he passed away. Brigitte moved her mother to her aunt’s house in Tampa, FL and stayed with her mother for several months. But while in Tampa, Brigitte suffered a heart attack and almost died. While she was partially recovered, Brigitte drover her mother back to her home outside New Orleans where she remains at her 80-year-old mother’s side. Neil says that Brigitte is the most amazing woman he has ever met. He says she is totally selfless, smart, beautiful, kind and has a heart of gold.

Lindsay Frye – Greensburg, PA

Lindsay Frye has been nominated as one of Thomas Lee Sheet's Everything Women.Lindsay Frye was nominated by Lisa Garber. Lisa told Thomas Lee Sheets that Lindsay finished her master’s degree while balancing a newborn with textbooks on her lap so that she could study while on maternity leave from teaching. Lindsay took a leap of faith and left a secure teaching job with tenure to move so her husband could take a new job. While being a stay-at-home mom and raising three kids, Lindsay also provided home daycare for several other children. Lisa said that Lindsay once again took another leap of faith and opened up a preschool. She researched the requirements, filed endless paperwork, met with inspectors and obtained a state certification… all of this with three young children. Lindsay’s school has been open for six weeks and is at full enrollment with a waiting list!

Deborah Petersen – Cape Coral, FL

Thomas Lee Sheets wants to shine a light on the Everything Woman in your life who goes above and beyond to impact the lives of others.Deborah Petersen was nominated by her sister, Grace Candreva. Grace shared Deborah’s inspirational story by first saying that Deborah goes the extra mile to see others smile. Deborah was a caring and compassionate nurse until an accident forced her to retire because of pain and surgeries. But retirement hasn’t stopped Deborah for caring for others. Grace says that Deborah has kept her alive for years due to emotional difficulties and calls Deborah her “angel in white.” Deborah is always there with a kind word or hug when others are down on their luck. Grace says that Deborah’s caring and truly loving nature touches everyone she meets and she deserves to be honored.

She is Amazing.

Here at Thomas Lee Sheets, we feel a calling to shine a light on amazing women in our lives and communities.

We want to hear your inspirational stories about the woman or women who have helped you, motivated you and impacted you.

Be sure to like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on when we will be accepting new nominations in 2019 for the Everything Woman. Our committee at Thomas Lee Sheets will review those nominations and will select one amazing woman (once again… we know this is not going to be an easy task!) and present her with $1,000 from the Thomas Lee Sheets endowment that is funded by a percentage of all Thomas Lee Sheets sales.

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.” – Stacey Bendet