The Story Behind
Our Softest Sheets

The search for the most comfortable sheets you've ever slept in.

Our Story Began with a Problem.

We couldn’t find the quality percale sheets that we desired.

About 12 years ago, our families were searching for the best quality percale sheet on the market, but we just couldn’t find any that we wanted to put on our own beds and our family’s beds.

So we designed our own and started a company to sell these sheets to people who are searching for the same thing.

That’s why we created the softest and comfiest percale sheet sets you can find.

Our Customers are Fanatical About These Sheets!

What we found was once you become a Thomas Lee Sheets customer, you’re pretty much dedicated for life because you can’t find anything else that compares! Just read the thousands of reviews here on our website. They speak directly to why we created these sheets in the first place!

Why Are Customers Fanatical About Our Sheets?

Not only are these the softest percale sheets for us and our families, but they’re also the best percale sheets for thousands of families across the country.

Customers become addicted to our Thomas Lee Sheets brand for the same reasons they love brands like Kate Spade, Dove, Nordstrom’s and even Apple. And why do people love these brands? Because of the quality and the experiences they create.

“We’re in the people and sheet business,” says Elizabeth Zook, CEO of Thomas Lee Sheets. “We pay close attention to both as we build these lifelong friendships with our customers.”

Thomas Lee Sheets CEO Elizabeth Zook says the attention to details helps us create the softest, most comfortable sheets you will ever sleep in.


How Do Our Sheets Improve Your Life at Home?

Our sheets actually create unique experiences for our customers in special ways. How?

  • To enjoy a restful night of sleep (without having to count sheep)
  • To bring a little slice of luxury to your life
  • To create a retreat of comfort for you and your family
  • To enjoy Saturday mornings in bed a little longer with a cup of hot coffee or cocoa
  • To have a blast with the kids as they jump in the bed and snuggle with you

We would love to hear from you what you enjoy most about your Thomas Lee percale sheets. We listen to every customer that shares their thoughts and experiences.

Our percale cotton sheets are loved by everyone. Quite simply, our soft sheets are luxurious without being fussy or pretentious.

Favorite sheets

I love crisp, cool sheets, and find Thomas Lee the best I’ve ever experienced.

Linda S., 7/27/2019 Verified Buyer


They are dreamy...

Amy M. , 7/28/2019 Verified Buyer


I searched online and inside stores for many weeks. I finally found a fitted sheet brand to try. So glad I did. These sheets are outstanding!

Lee B., 7/18/2019 Verified Buyer

2nd set of same sheets purchased

2nd set of same sheets purchased -- love them

Isabel W., 7/19/2019 Verified Buyer

Bamboo is cool and silky…

I loved these sheets but it does take getting used to when you have always had percale. These are much slinkier and drape around your body. They feel wonderful in the summer!

Linda C., 7/19/2019 Verified Buyer

I like these

These sheets are fantastic. I don't know how they do it, but they are warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and comfy year around. The last sheets go on the guest bed, and needed new ones for my bed. The cat had worn through the last set of sheets bought at a department store. The difference is just stunning.

James M. , 7/20/2019 Verified Buyer