Our Story

Thomas Lee Luxury Cotton Sheets are Generations in the Making

Founders of Thomas Lee Sheets

Hi, we’re Tom Muscalino and Lee Goodrich. We’re the founders of Thomas Lee Sheets. We want to take a minute to settle back and share our story with you. We’re passionate about getting to know our customers on a deeper level and we believe that starts with good conversation. So, let’s grab an iced tea, get comfortable in a good rocking chair and let’s get to know one another.


We were lucky enough to have careers in the textile industry when it was booming.

It truly was a thrilling time to be a part of something so dynamic. We were two young men with the world ahead of us working in an exciting industry. It was the perfect situation. Ah, to be young again. Hey, at least we’ve got the memories.

Old-Fashioned Quality Meets Modern Life

However, as the world changed, so did the textile industry. We noticed that a durable yet comfortable, cool, crisp sheet wasn’t easily found in the modern marketplace. The sheets available, even the “high-end” ones, weren’t meeting the standards of quality that so many people were looking for. So, we set out to fix this problem.

We started Thomas Lee Sheets so we could supply the modern marketplace with a beautiful sheet that offered old-fashioned quality while blending perfectly with modern life. We spent an extensive amount of time researching and deciding what was needed in order to accomplish this. Every detail you love about our sheets, from the Pima cotton, to the extra deep pockets, to the 500-thread count, was purposefully made with you in mind. After all, once you sleep on Thomas Lee Sheets, they become a staple in your everyday life. You can count on us to bring a personal slice of luxury into your home. It’s truly the Thomas Lee Difference.

We appreciate you all letting us share our story with you. As a Thomas Lee Sheets customer, you’ll hear from us time to time. We like to converse, hear about your personal experience with Thomas Lee and forge a lifelong relationship. We look forward to speaking with you all.