Why Do Women Love Our Sheets?

  • Our 500 thread count wraps you in elegance and grows softer cleaning after cleaning
  • 100% Pure soft cotton lets you escape the stresses of “mom” or “boss” or “whatever”
  • Meticulously sewn with 12 stitches per inch withstands anything you throw at them (or in them)
  • Our oversized deep pockets (the sheets, of course!) fit all modern mattresses and stay on the bed
  • Every sheet is always natural and pure and never treated with harsh resins
  • Our beautiful cotton sheets are perfect for women with sensitive skin or allergies
  • Imported with style, quality, elegance and attention to every detail from a woman-owned manufacturer

Cotton Sheet Sets for Women

size: california king
color: white
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Our CEO, Elizabeth Zook, bought the Thomas Lee Sheets company in 2018 because she wanted the perfect product that would blend modern style and sophisticated manufacturing qualities with the beauty and durability that today's woman demands from the online marketplace. But, sheets? Yes, Thomas Lee Sheets for women!

Free shipping on orders over $150

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Sheets Mean More to Today’s Modern Woman

Elizabeth Zook CEO of Thomas Lee Sheets, the best luxury cotton sheets for women.
Thomas Lee Sheets CEO & Owner, Elizabeth Zook. “I want our female customers to know how much we appreciate their business and how amazing we think each one of them is.”

We women, believe it or not, see our beds and sheets as more than a place for a good night’s sleep and sex. We see our beds as peaceful retreats for reading, catching up on work, studying for degrees or classes, snuggling with the kids, watching tv, chatting with the girlfriends or just having some me time.

A Set of Classic White or Ivory Sheets

Every woman should have a set of classic white or classic ivory sheets. There are times when these two sets of sheets are the perfect “welcome home” or “I’m feeling special tonight” statement. The classic set of white sheets is beautiful and timeless on any size bed, especially during Christmas holidays through winter. White sheets match any woman’s bedroom decor. The color of white represents the snow, quiet, crisp and cool. Clean, beautiful white sheets can offer women a sense of renewal and cleansing of the mind, often silencing our inner critic and emotional clutter.

And the ivory sheet sets match our feminine bedding moods when we need to feel neutral, calm and relaxed at any time during the year. Our ivory sheets offer some of the color shades of brown with the crispness and coolness of our white sheets. Ivory sets a relaxed tone of understated elegance in your bedroom. Ivory sheets are quiet and pleasant. As you may recall, ivory is the traditional 14th wedding anniversary gift.

Added Benefit:  Our Sheets Can Help Hot Flashes

First let’s say that all of us middle aged women deal with hot flashes or night sweats at some point. It’s a natural event that happens to our bodies when we go through perimenopause and menopause. But why do we bring it up here? Because our Thomas Lee Sheets are so well manufactured that they introduce a cooling effect on quite a few women who experience hot flashes and night sweats, that’s why. We know this sounds crazy, but we’ll take all the relief we can get when the hot flashes start!

Take Those Flannel Sheets Away (or save them for special times…)

First of all, flannel sheets remind women of the sheets that their little brothers had when they were like 8 years old. First of all, the pilling on flannel sheets will drive us nuts. We don’t want to sleep with fuzz balls. And while our guys might like the flannel sheets in winter time, we’d rather snuggle up next to you in our warm pj’s rather than the flannel sheets. 🙂 Flannel sheets can remind us of grunge rock and hipster dudes. Not quite the feminine bedding vibe we’re going for all the time.

We Want Sheets to Make a Statement About Who We Are

Being a modern woman means absolutely nothing about political statements or community activism. But it means everything about having the room and the voice to take any stand we want. The safety nest and reclusive feel of your bed, no matter how vocal or outwardly strong you are, should be a place of healing and recovery. Your mattress comfort and thickness should match your physical needs. Your bedroom furniture and decor should mirror your sense of style and aesthetic. And your bedding, sheets and pillowcases should be the ever-accepting cocoon to comfort and to hold you while you rest for another day.

Today’s modern woman means so many demands to so many people. But we would like to be sure that you leave yourself time to enjoy some finer things in those moments when it’s just you. Just you and your thoughts. Just you and your bed. Just you and your Thomas Lee Sheets.