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Newberry, FL

Cotton Sheet Sets

May 21, 2017
Cool and Crispy- Thicker than others

I've used these sheets for a couple months now and have learned the following; They are much thicker and tougher than most sheets (considering the price they ought to be). I bought cheaper body pillow cases to match and there is NO COMPARISON. The others look very thin next to the Thomas Lee sheets. They wrinkle A LOT. There is no way I would do without ironing. However, I found putting the bottom sheet on slightly damp or spritzing with water and smoothing out is all it needs. The top sheet MUST be ironed unless you have a blanket over it. If that is the case you can stretch it out, spritz it and smooth, The top 18" may still need ironed. I bought these sheets in a quest for the perfect summer sheets. The top sheet is thick enough to use alone. And they are crispy cool! I started using bleach. Sorry but I just like the clean feel so the fabric may break down sooner. But I've had cheaper sheets that I've bleached for over a decade and they are fine. Just to thin for my needs. I have to say I do not like the fact that they farm them out to Idia for manufacturing. I was looking to support an American Textile Company.

Sherri K.

Wheeling, WV

Cotton Sheet Sets

May 19, 2017
Cotton sheet sets

This will be our third set of sheets and we will never buy anything but Thomas Lee. We tried another brand claiming to be as good, but less expensive. We ended up giving them away and pledging never to sway from Thomas Lee again!

Susan L.

Silver City, NM

Cotton Sheet Sets

May 08, 2017
Sensitive Skin Folks Need to Know

My husband and I both like hefty cotton sheets that are not slick. Since my husband's restless legs ran a hole right through the last name brand heavy weight Egyptian cotton set, we have been searching for new sheets. Although the Thomas Lee sheets have a nice heft to them, they were extremely scratchy after one wash, so much so that I couldn't even lay on them for one hour. After I washed them three times, they were just as rough. I contacted the company and was advised that it can take five to ten washes for the sheets to soften. I would not expect to have to spend so much time and labor on something described as "luxurious". So, I washed my sheets five more times (eight total), and they are finally "acceptable" to me. The good news is that I do believe they will soften further. My husband's skin is not nearly as sensitive, and he thought they were fine after two washes. I have since purchased another brand from another source at half the cost, and they are just a tad lighter weight, but softened very well after three washes. It will be interesting to see which set holds up longer.


Lake Forest, IL

Cotton Sheet Sets

May 07, 2017
I love my sheets

These are hands down the best percale sheets you can own. I deal in vintage textiles and linens and covet my vintage percale sheets because they are heaven to sleep on. Now I have a source with Thomas Lee for new percale sheets. I love them, thank you.

Faith B.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Cotton Flat Sheets

May 02, 2017
The best sheets for the best nights sleep!!!!!

My husband calls me "the princess and the pea". I have always been on the hunt for the perfect sheet, I hang my sheets and then I iron them. So yes I am sheet fussy. Thomas Lee sheets are perfect, I have even slept on these wonderful sheets out of the dryer and not ironed. Still perfect!!!!!! Thank you Thomas Lee


Austin, TX

Cotton Flat Sheets

April 26, 2017
Best Sheets Ever!

It took a while, but I finally found an excellent -- and better -- replacement for the Wamsutta percale sheets that are no longer made. Thomas Lee sheets are cool, crisp, and comfortable. They wear well and stay crisp in use for longer than any other sheet I've tried. I just completed my fourth "set" of sheets from T. Lee. (A set for me is two king size flat, one queen size fitted, two king size and four standard size pillowcases -- an expensive but extremely comfortable good thing.) I rotate the sets, of course, so I expect these will last many years. The only quibble I have is wrinkles often appear in the top hem and despite care in laundering and selective ironing, they never seem to go away. It's a small price to pay for the luxury of these sheets.

Kathy J.

Maybille, WI

Cotton Flat Sheets

April 21, 2017
Love these sheets

I have been using Thomas Lee sheets for over 5 years. I love them. Will never go back to a lesser quality sheet.


Paxton, IL

Cotton Pillowcases

April 14, 2017
Love your cotton sheets!

These are the best sheets ever. They are butter soft and wear like iron. I only have one set and they go straight from the dryer back onto the bed. I like that I can replace pieces. I have replaced the fitted sheet when it wore out and the pillow cases (because I lost one). Love your cotton sheets!


Akron, OH

Cotton Duvet Covers

April 06, 2017
Great, light duvet cover.

I purchased this specifically to act as my Spring/Summer, warmer weather duvet cover. It worked like a charm, and I have been sleeping noticeably cooler than previously than with a heavier cover I purchased elsewhere. The holes at the top of the cover, along with the button cover have only added to the quality and convenience that this cover offer. Top notch, all the way around.


Grand Haven, MI

Cotton Sheet Sets

March 29, 2017
Without a Doubt The Nicest Cotton Sheets I Have Every Owned

I purchased a queen size set of white sheets and pillow covers. I have washed and dried the set 4 times per the instructions provided along with the shipment, 2 times before even putting on my bed. The “crispness” of these sheets has notably changed and become softer with every washing. The sheets are now very comfortable and I find myself really enjoying the crawl into bed every night. Aside from comfort, I really enjoy the size of these sheets. They fit my queen size bed well and allow plenty of material to be tucked between the mattress and box spring so that they stay put until you take them off for washing. My mattress is “thin” (9 in) and the fitted sheet has no problems conforming to this smaller size. The fitted sheet looks like it can accommodate a much thicker mattress without any problem. Even though the fitted sheet a wide range of mattress thickness, it still seems to grab my thinner mattress without bunching up. The fitted sheet is not spring-board tight on the mattress but comfortable and stays put without bunching as you move on it. The flat sheet is big, both wide and long allowing the thing to be deeply seated between the mattress and box spring so that it will never come out. I really enjoy being able to make my bed by myself after washing without having to wrestle the fitting sheet onto the mattress or be super careful to balance the amount of flat sheet tucking. The size of the flat sheet allow you to have plenty of tucking and at the same time allows me to pull sheet up around my face at night. I really enjoy these sheets. As long as they don’t shrink and wear well, I will continue to promote them as a great value and recommend them to friends & family.

Don H.

Houston, TX

Cotton Fitted Sheets

March 23, 2017
Repeat customer

I have been a customer for nine years. I am very satisfied with the sheets and have purchased them for my two adult daughters. I have them laundered by a high end cleaners and they fold and place them on hangers. I realize that is not needed, but the sheets are first class and I treat them accordingly. I will continue to purchase and recommend them to my friends.

D. M.


Cotton Sheet Sets

March 20, 2017
Greatest Sheets Ever!

This is now my second pair of sheets from you - got the first one a month ago and don't ever want to sleep in anything else :)! I don't know how you do it, but these are the only sheets I just don't sweat in (I'm a hot sleeper), simply amazing!!!! Thank you for such a great product!

Theresa H.

Melbourne Beach, FL

Cotton Flat Sheets

March 16, 2017
Fits my Cal King mattress

I was looking for a Pima cotton top sheet for my Cal King bed. This sheet was long enough to tuck under my extra thick mattress. Most flat sheets are not long enough for a Cal King mattress, especially one that is extra thick. Material is butter soft Pima cotton. Comfy!


mple grove, MN

Cotton Sheet Sets

March 15, 2017
Cotton Sheets

I researched many sheet sets before I bought this one. I wanted a crisp sheet that stayed crisp throughout the week. I was amazed at how nice and crisp these sheets were. I absolutely love them. They are so worth their money if this is what you want.


Boca Raton, FL

Bamboo Fitted Sheets

March 15, 2017

We love everything about the Thomas Lee Bamboo sheets - color selection, quality, how the fabric stays cool plus they are the most comfortable sheets we've ever had!


Baltimore, MD

Down Alternative Comforters

March 14, 2017
So comfy

I love this alternative comforter. It is hard to tell that it is not goose down. It is so warm & yet light weight. I wish my electric blanket had broke sooner.


North Fort Myers, FL

Cotton Sheet Sets

March 10, 2017
Crisp and gentle

These are the greatest sheets. They remind me of the high-end hotels at which I have stayed. They are plenty big for any size mattress. They are crisp and feel soft and cool to the skin. Do not use fabric softener on them, either in the wash or in the dryer. They will stay "crisper."

Eric Y.

Fayetteville, AR

Mattress Pads

March 09, 2017
Wonderful Mattres Pad!!

This as well as the sheets are a match made in heaven. No more sweaty back on cotton pad and oh so comfy with the sheets.

Barbara Y.

Fayetteville, AR

Cotton Sheet Sets

March 09, 2017
The Best Hotel Sheets I ever tried!!!!

Yes we had been looking for that luxury feel. Googled it and finally landed on Thomas Lee sheets. Thought wow pricey. Ordered them and the cotton mattress pad. Quite an investment BUT it was so worth it. Only Negative is I don't want to get out of bed. I did wash and dry (3) times before use. Since instructions stated using half detergent as recommended and a couple washes would make them more comfortable. Cool and crisp comforttttttt!!!


Plymouth, MA

Cotton Sheet Sets

March 05, 2017
Love them

I have always wanted my wife to buy all cotton sheets. But she wouldn't because she thought they were too expensive. So I took it upon myself and I gave them to her for Christmas ha.. it's ok married for 42 years, so she wasn't that mad. Needless to say we both love them and the old saying is true you get what you pay for. It's like staying in one of those expensive hotels with the great sheets...except it's your own bed now! Thank you Thomas Lee

S. E.


Cotton Sheet Sets

March 02, 2017
Best Sheets I've Ever Slept On!

I had searched high and low before I placed my first order. Then I was hooked. I am not just saying that. I love the percale and getting into bed at night makes ironing them well worth it!


Sandy, UT

Cotton Sheet Sets

February 28, 2017
Sheets For Folks Who Remember

I looked and looked for sheets that felt the way sheets used to feel when I was growing up during the 60's and 70's. It seems that mainstream manufactures have entered a spec war with thread count being the way the masses shop for sheets, without regard to how they actually feel and hold up. These sheets fit the bill, and are cool and crisp. We are on our 3rd set and are obviously happy with the purchase, and still haven't found any others that approach the quality that Thomas Lee puts out. Be sure to pay attention to the washing instructions, as that will have a dramatic effect on the life span of the product.


Minnetonka, MN

Cotton Sheet Sets

February 27, 2017

I have a set of Thomas Lee sheets from years ago and love them. I purchased a new set, washed them before using but they were scratchy. In fact, I got up in the middle of the night to change to old sheets. What happened to the quality of the sheets? I'm wondering if something changed.

Thomas Lee

Official Response
Official Response

Hi Martha, Your new PerfectCale bed linens require a normal break in period consisting of several launderings. This is because the ultra tightly spun 100% Pima cotton yarn we use to weave our fabric actually opens up, or expands during the initial laundering. This natural process is called blooming. during the break in period the blooming process actually reverses with the fabric continuing to grow smoother and softer with each laundering. We suggest that during the break in period you use 1/2 the normal amount of detergent and an extra rinse cycle to prevent a detergent build up in the fabric which causes a rough or scratchy texture. Thank you for your continued business. Tom M


Portland, OR

Cotton Sheet Sets

February 27, 2017
Best Sheets Ever

I studied clothing and textiles in college, so I know my fabrics. I was searching for sheets like I found at my husband's grandmother's house. I ordered the swatches first, and these sheets did not disappoint! They are generously sized and the flat sheet doesn't come untucked every night like some other sheets do. I wish I could get them for the twin beds too. These are the best sheets ever.

Jeanne R..

Bakersfield, CA

Cotton Sheet Sets

February 24, 2017
Wonderful in Every Way!

I have been buying Thomas Lee sheets for years now, and they are simply the best. These cotton percale sheets make getting into bed every night sheer luxury. They are so nice, and launder beautifully. The customer service is the best I have ever experienced.


Easton, MD

Cotton Sheet Sets

February 24, 2017
Happy Children

I gave my children these sheets for Christmas. All three love them (especially my 6'8" son-in-law (gave them the California King Set). I already have several sets. The sheets are warm in winter, cool in summer. It's nice if they're ironed, but it really doesn't matter - they are cozy regardless. Just wish they came in pink or blue as well as white and ivory.


Hamilton, OH

Cotton Sheet Sets

February 22, 2017
My Bucket List

One item on my bucket list was to find the perfect sheets. I cannot begin to tell you how many expensive sheets I have purchased in my search over the years. Your sheets are expensive, but with your guarantee, I figured I had nothing to loose. I ordered the pima cotton. They arrived and after laundrying put them on my bed. I was hooked the first night! After several more washings they have only gotten better. I literally take them off my bed, wash them and put them right back on because I only have the one set. I am definitely building my linen closet on Thomas Lee bedding!

James S.

The Woodlands, TX

Cotton Sheet Sets

February 17, 2017
Absolutely perfect sheets

We searched all over for the perfect sheets, even buying some that were not what was claimed, but these are the real, crisp, & soft. I look forward to sleeping on these every night, and what's amazing is that they get better & better with washing. I could not recommend anything more highly that these sheets.

Melanie H.

Rogers, AR

Cotton Sheet Sets

February 17, 2017
Luxury sheets

This is my second set of Thomas Lee sheets.. They are the finest quality I have ever had Extremely comfortable . Definitely worth the price

Thomas F.

Erie, CO

Cotton Sheet Sets

February 16, 2017
THE crispest percale sheets. Superb quality & service

We keep ordering Thomas Lee sheets. We even iron them! Even if you only iron the pillowcases, do this for a real treat as you climb into bed after a long day. Their very high quality stands up to weekly ironing. They are a substantial percale and well worth the money. We'll have them for a long time.

R. S.


Cotton Fitted Sheets

February 09, 2017
I’m So Glad I Found Thomas Lee Sheets!

I have to say these are the best sheets I’ve owned and I’m 63 years old. Even my wife is sleeping better and raves about these sheets. I purchased my first set of your sheets about six months ago. I decided I couldn’t stand the old second set of sheets on the bed when yours went into the laundry I had to buy a second set of yours last month. We appreciate your product.

Barbara B.


Down Alternative Comforters

February 04, 2017
I love it!

I wanted an alternative down. I have used good down for years, but wanted to try an alternative to help combat alergies and to find a reasonable price point because we now have a dog sleeping with us. I love this product. Couln't be more satisfied. It feels the same; it functions the same!

Barbara B.

McCormick, SC

Cotton Sheet Sets

February 04, 2017
Love these sheets

I have purchased these sheets several times now. In the past I owned a very upscale Italian linen shop. These sheets measure up! The only issue I had is that they are oversized for washing but the top sheets are really huge, so I just order a queen top sheet for a California King! Voila, problem solved and money saved!

Nancy H.

Oviedo, FL

Cotton Sheet Sets

February 04, 2017
The Best. Sheets. Ever.

I found Thomas Lee sheets in 2010 and ordered my first set with the goal of replicating the percale sheets I had slept on as a child. Remember sheets with that satisfying mixture of cool and crisp, especially on hot summer nights? Well that seemed to have been lost to poly cotton blends and high thread count silky feeling sheets which are not my thing. So I had been on a quest for years but nothing had even come close until I discovered Thomas Lee sheets. Soon after I bought a second set. After 5 years of continuous use I've retired the first two sets and bought two more. There is no sheet on the market that can compare to TL sheets, they are simply the best and only true percale sheets out there. If you are a true percale lover these are for you. I guarantee it.


Springfield, MA

Bath Towels

February 04, 2017
Love the sheets

This is my second set of sheets I loved the first set so much wanted to get a second. They are crisp and I just love getting into bed. Best sheets you will ever own!

Mac K.

Nichols Hills, OK

Cotton Sheet Sets

February 03, 2017
Tried to find Cotton Percale Sheets lately in a department store?

Several years ago I was shopping for some new cotton percale sheets at a large national department store, when much to my surprise they had a large selection of cotton sheets, but no percale. I grew up on cotton percale sheets, had tried other cotton sheets, and very much wanted those soft cotton percale sheets. I was born in the early 1950s, and was not familiar with on-line searching or shopping. I summoned my courage and googled cotton percale sheets. There were several options, at a variety of prices. Thomas Lee seemed like the safe way to go, so I called them and ordered my first set (deep pocket) with a pair of king pillow cases also for my pillow top bed. I think their sheets are the greatest, fit well, and just received my 4th set from them. I cant imagine buying sheets anywhere else!!


Papineau, IL

Cotton Sheet Sets

February 03, 2017

After years of searching I finally found a sheet set that my Husband loves. I've wasted a lot of time and money with sheet sets. These are the only sheets I will ever buy!! LOVE!!

Carole L.

Lakeland, FL

Cotton Sheet Sets

February 02, 2017
No other sheets will do for this Canadian snowbird.

This winter while vacationing in Florida I bought two more Queen sheet sets after buying my first set last winter. One set is for me and the other is for my daughter who just had a baby. I want her to have the absolute best rest possible as I have grown accustomed to in these cool, crisp percale sheets. I cannot find the same quality in Canada. In time all three of my daughters will get a gift of these amazing sheets.


Greenville, SC

Bath Towels

February 02, 2017
For the sensitive skin...

If you have allergies to different fibers, then these are the sheets for you. The sheets today caused a rash to form on my husbands legs. He has sensitive/allergy skin type but the Thomas Lee cotton sheets did not cause a problem. Not only was the problem sloved these are wonderful luxury sheets. This is my second set to buy. These sheet are well worth the price.

N. H.


Cotton Fitted Sheets

February 02, 2017
Twin Extra-Long Fitted Sheets

Your sheets are the best. I bought my first King set several years ago. When we switched to adjustable XL twin beds, I really missed my Thomas Lee sheets. I was thrilled to find I can now order pieces separately, so was able to do a king flat, and two XL twin fitted, and am once again sleeping on the worlds best sheets. My original king set is now on the guest bed, and multiple guests have asked about the sheets. In fact my daugter in law loved them so much, my son gave her a set for their anniversary. They are worth every penny.