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Park City, UT

Cotton Sheet Sets

March 03, 2018
5 washings and they are feeling real good

I think I found "the sheet". After five washings the TL sheets are breaking in and feeling nice.I found it takes a while to get any good sheet to that silky "oh I can't wait to get in bed" feel. I noticed no lint in the dryer (good sign). They fit my ridiculously large pillow top, the elastic is good:) Relief is setting in... I think, after 4 or 5 "swing and a miss" sheet purchases I found some good ones! Don't change and if you do, let me know beforehand so I can hoard. Thank you for making a really nice product.

Melissa H.

Fort Myers, FL

Cotton Sheet Sets

February 28, 2018
Online Only?

Are these sheet sets only available online? Also, our mattress is only 11.5" deep. Will the fitted sheet be too big and require sheet suspenders? I do NOT want to have to adjust them every day and have them bunch up when I sleep. Thanks!

Thomas Lee

Official Response
Official Response

Thomas Lee PerfectCale bed linens are available through our web site or our Amazon "store". We do not supply to other retailers. Our cotton fitted sheets have 18"deep pockets. ( full size has 15"). Our fitted sheets should provide an excellent fit on your mattress if you snugly tuck the bottom hem of the fitted sheet under your mattress ( between mattress and box springs) on all four sides.

G c.

Greenville, SC

Cotton Sheet Sets

January 22, 2018
Buying guest room sheets

I have been if using Thomas Lee sheets on my bed for a number of years. Love, love them—have two sets. I am going to get a set for my guest bedroom, my guest deserve the best and this sale is the best time to get a set.


Hurricane, WV

Cotton Sheet Sets

December 22, 2017
My Favorite Sheets!

These are sheets to love! Cool and crisp, they are luxurious.

Shari T.

Tucson, AZ

Bamboo Fitted Sheets

December 19, 2017
Love the Thomas Lee Bamboo Sheets

This is our third purchase of the Thomas Lee Bamboo sheets. They are so soft and comfortable. The first purchase was a number of years ago and we still have those sheets. For some reason the second set of sheets shrank and I ended up getting rid of them. I was a bit hesitant not knowing what to expect with this recent purchase but hoping that they would meet and exceed my expectations. I have to say that I am beyond pleased with this recent purchase as they are more generously sized than previously, as well as soft, comfy and cozy. We are enjoying them!


Alpharetta, GA

Cotton Sheet Sets

December 13, 2017
Excellent product

You will not be disappointed, I have slept on a king sheet set for about 7 years and still can't wait to crawl into the bed each night. Sheets stay crisp and cool....almost silky but 100% cotton Excellent value but more than the value is the quality. One of the best purchases you'll ever make in bed linens.

Bee J.

Isle of Palms, SC

Cotton Sheet Sets

December 12, 2017
The Whole Family is Hooked!

My mother washed, air dried, and ironed our percale sheets. I've been investing in luxury brand linens to replicate the experience for 50 years. Nothing came close till I tried Thomas Lee cotton sheets. I first ordered because they had the option of separates (we use duvets without top sheets), and they were not funky sateen weave. Now my girls and I never consider any other brand. The company is personal, like a local, friendly business; always high quality material and workmanship. The sheets are straightforward, long lasting. I don't iron as my mother did, but Thomas Lee comes out of the dryer onto the beds beautifully. Everything we need to easily make our beds sleep comfortably and look enticing. My daughters will find sheets, cases, shams, and duvets under the tree this year.


Commack, NY

Cotton Sheet Sets

December 11, 2017
Finally I can give my grandmas percale sheets a well deserved rest

I was hesitant at first because of the very reasonable price but these percale sheets are just like Grandmas made in USA sheets. If anything the flat sheet is a bit too generous in length. If I had a wish list I would add a wider elastic band as the fitted sheet is also very generous and in my less than deep mattress and bunches up. I’ve ordered sheet suspenders to solve my problem. I have recommended these sheets to all my friends. You know the sign of a well made sheet? The edges match up exactly. I always iron my sheets and these iron beautifully.

Doris B.

Brooklyn, NY

Cotton Sheet Sets

December 09, 2017
These sheets are spoilers!

I just bought my fourth set. They hold up very well, and have a lovely crispness. At the same time they are soft, almost like suede.

Sandra S.

Bothell, WA

Cotton Sheet Sets

December 07, 2017
Best Sheets I have ever owned

I am just sad that it took me this long to find them!

Patricia S.

Issaquah, WA

Cotton Sheet Sets

December 05, 2017
I love these sheets

I purchased a set of these sheets last year and I will never use any other sheets again. They remind me of the sheets I had when I was growing up. They are crisp, comfy and classic. I wanted a second pair of sheets so when they went on sale I didn't hesitate. Once again I am very pleased with my purchase.

Janis W..

Denver, CO

Cotton Sheet Sets

December 01, 2017
Happy Sheets!

I am so happy with my sheets! Finally! They are just what I was looking for. I only wish I had found them sooner. I wouldn't have wasted all that money on cheap junk. Thank you for making such fine quality sheets. The fitted sheet fits! The top sheet is the proper length. I feel like I'm sleeping at a luxury hotel. They are just like the ones I slept on as a child. You have my business forever. Thank you so much for making me a happy sleeper.

M H.

Southern pines, NC

Cotton Sheet Sets

November 28, 2017
Cotton sheets

Wonderful crisp and hold up well


Chicago, IL

Cotton Sheet Sets

November 27, 2017
Holding up nicely, have gotten many compliments

Three years ago (Dec 2014), I ordered the Cal King Sheet set as well as one large cluster King down pillow. The sheets are holding up very well and guests always comment on their soft, luxurious feel. The pillow is holding up nicely but needs to be fluffed on occasion. It's super soft and has no odor whatsoever, which stands in contrast to a $100 pillow I bought elsewhere that had a terrible smell when warmed by body heat. Would recommend! I'm back today to buy more sheets, another pillow, and also trying out their towels and mattress pad!


Atlanta, GA

Cotton Sheet Sets

November 25, 2017
Our go-to sheets

We like them cool and crisp, and only use sheets like these at this point.


New Orleans, LA

Cotton Pillowcases

November 18, 2017
What else can I say !!

The best sheets and pillowcases I have ever owned

Kelly M.

Coeur d Alene, ID

Cotton Sheet Sets

November 16, 2017
Absolutely love these sheets!

Most importantly, we love the crispness of these 100% cotton sheets. The weight is perfect -- not flimsy or clammy feeling like most sheets on the market today. 100% cotton feels very good against the skin. We have searched high and low for sheets of this crispness, weight and quality and Thomas Lee's are the best. Please do not change the way you make these sheets! The standard/queen pillow cases fit our queen-size pillow amply. Thank you for making an excellent product.

Vivian W.

Christiansburg, VA

Cotton Mattress Pads

November 15, 2017
Great Mattress Pad

I love this pad, it is far better than any I have ever owned. It stays flat and the quality gets a 110% rating from me.

Mark W.

Christiansburg, VA

Cotton Sheet Sets

November 15, 2017
Love My Sheets

These sheets are so cool and crisp. Best sheet I have ever had. I plan to purchase more.

Lisa M.

Whittier, CA

Cotton Flat Sheets

November 13, 2017

So happy to finally have a top sheet for our California king size bed that fits well. All are usually too small without enough overhang. This one is perfect.

Barbara M.

Wilmette, IL

Cotton Sheet Sets

November 13, 2017
Great sheets

I’ve been searching for good quality sheets for years now. We are very happy with these. Prior comments are accurate that several washes are needed to soften up the sheets. They are also not “no-iron” and are therefore quite wrinkled after washing. I am fine with this, as it was pre-disclosed. I do iron the pillow cases and top half of the flat sheet. I will undoubtedly be buying more in the future.

Christine M.

Strongsville, OH

Cotton Sheet Sets

November 09, 2017
The best sheets since Charisma

I used to buy sheets from The Company Store named Charisma. The last couple of times I bought them they were not the same. Then I found out Charisma was sold to someone in China I think. These sheets are even better than the original Charisma. I just bought a set for my daughter for her 21st birthday. I know she will love them because she is always trying to take mine! I also bought the down alternative blanket. I will post a review once she totally approves of it. It seems like it will be very nice without the cost of down.


New Orleans, LA

Cotton Sheet Sets

November 04, 2017

I recently purchased the King cotton sheet set for $255 and they are fantastic. I just ordered another pair because they are so comfortable! Oh my goodness,.I washed in clear water several times, as instructed, to make softer,and to avoid soap build up and they get better with every washing. My mother and Grandmother would approve! Plus,my husband liked them!

Debra T.

Naples, FL

Cotton Fitted Sheets

November 02, 2017
Awesome Cotton Sheets

How you get your sheets to be both crisp and soft is your trade secret but I am so glad you are selling these awesome sheets. I've never slept on a sheet that was more pleasant to the touch and, as a result, I've been a repeat customer for about 10 years. Don't ever change or stop selling these sheets because they are just fantastic!!!!

Vivian W.

Christiansburg, VA

Cotton Mattress Pads

October 18, 2017
Best Mattress Pad

I bought a queen mattress pad for my son. It is the best pad I have ever found. Does not bunch up at all. It lays flat under the sheets. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an above average pad.


Rockledge, FL

Cotton Sheet Sets

October 11, 2017
Best sheets I slept on in 20 years

I got the Pima cotton sheet set for my friend that turned 70 this year. She raved and raved and said they were. BEtter than the sheets we bought 20 years ago. I just had to get a set for myself and absolutely love them. I'm hooked!!

Sandra G.

Silver Lake, NH

Cotton Sheet Sets

October 09, 2017
My grandmother would approve!

These are the first sheets that are exactly what they say they are. I have tried so many only to send them back. Thank you Thomas Lee for a BEAUTIFULLY made & crisp cotton sheet set. Worth the money, although I wish they were a little less!!!

Lally M.

Columbus, GA

Cotton Sheet Sets

September 30, 2017
Another 5 stars!

These sheets are the closest thing to the percale I remember growing up and that of my wedding trousseau in the sixties, smooth, a little crisp, just right in feel. They are also generously cut so that in spite of today's thick, thick mattresses there is plenty of tuck in and side drop. They are the best!

Stephanie D.

West Wilmington, CA

Cotton Fitted Sheets

September 11, 2017
Please don't stop making these sheets!

I love my Thomas Lee fitted sheets. I use the cal kings over a layered-cotton mattress pad as well as a pillow top mattress. The generous pocket depth leaves room to spare after slipping on the fitted sheet. The fine weave is smooth and lovely to the touch. I am a repeat buyer and scared to death that I will run out of them.


Detroit, MI

Cotton Pillowcases

August 27, 2017
Nothing beats it

I am a complete sheet snob. I recently cheated on Thomas Lee with a set of high end sheets from Frette. I actually ended up returning those because they were twice as much and didn't hold a candle to my Thomas Lee sets.

Donna D.

Palm Desert, CA

Cotton Pillowcases

August 23, 2017
Pillow Cases

I have several sets of Thomas Lee Cotton Sheets and I love them. The more you wash them the softer they get. Unfortunately, one set of pillow cases started to wear after 7 years of constant use. I just replaced them and the new pillow cases are just as wonderful as all of the others


Christiansburg, VA

Cotton Sheet Sets

August 21, 2017
Really like your sheets

My mom recently bought me a set of the cotton percale sheets and I think they are the best feeling sheets I have ever slept on. They are so cool when I get into bed. I will definitely be a return customer.


Christiansburg, VA

Cotton Sheet Sets

August 17, 2017
Love My New Sheets

This is my second set of TL sheets and I think they are even better quality than my first set purchased 5 years ago. I just love how they feel every time I put them on the bed. I also always line dry my sheets and they feel and smell so fresh. Only sheets to buy.

Joan G..

Los Osos, CA

Granny Blankets

August 15, 2017
Best Blanket Ever!!

Wow is all I can say. I got a queen size blanket as a throw for my king bed in my warm California climate. We love it so much, we need the king size as I think these will become our go to blankets in the winter as well. Unfortunately we are on the wait list for the king size. Hurry Thomas Lee, we need more granny blankets!

Bill M.

Baltimore, MD

Cotton Sheet Sets

August 12, 2017
Sheet Sets

I've been very happy with the quality of the Thos Lee sheets. This was a Repeat purchase based in our complete satisfaction with an earlier set. Delivery was very prompt and the larger size of the Lee sheets is very useful.

Alice L.

North Carolina

Cotton Sheet Sets

August 03, 2017
Just Like My Mother's Sheets!

Yours are the only sheets I have found in the past decade that feel like the ones my mother had. I cannot tell you how many sheet sets I have bought online and returned because their idea of percale is alien to me.

Nancy P.

Atlanta, Ga

Cotton Sheet Sets

August 03, 2017
The Best Ever!

I love, love, love your sheets. I just bought a new mattress and want to celebrate with a new set of Thomas Lee Sheets.

Ellen K.

Crozet, VA

Cotton Fitted Sheets

July 29, 2017
Ahhh....crisp cotton sheets!

Love your products.... have them now in master bedroom and three guest bedrooms! Expensive but worth it!!


Atlanta, GA

Cotton Sheet Sets

July 29, 2017
Skeptic turned believer

I have to say that I'm very impressed with these sheets. Dare I say that they are the best I've ever used? I've always had expensive sheets so the $200 did not scare me off. First thing I noticed is that they are thick, a lot of sheets are pretty flimsy. I washed them about 7 times (baking soda, white vinegar in the rinse) and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they softened up. More so than other sheets I own. Lastly, they are the first sheets on my bed that fit my 18" mattress. The fitted sheet went on nice and easy and didn't ride up on the mattress. And unlike any other brand, the sheets are wide enough to have enough sheet on each side to tuck in. I was very skeptical about buying them because I had never heard of them but I'm so glad I did. I see no need to have a different brand.

JoAnne S.

Old Bridge, NJ

Cotton Sheet Sets

July 27, 2017
Cotton Sheet Set

Best sheets I have ever of 6 sets so far!!! I have purchased as Holiday gifts for my children and family.