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Satellite Beach, FL

Cotton Sheet Sets

July 17, 2017
White cotton sheet set.

This is Florida and these sheets are excellent for this climate. After a hot day and a cool shower, slipping into these sheets is wonderful beyond the mere physical. When new, they wrinkle a bit, but relax within a few washings and become divine. A quick tumble in the dryer, then onto the bed, and they are perfect.


Wyckoff, NJ

Cotton Sheet Sets

July 17, 2017
My Second Set

I love these sheets! Just received my 2nd set. They are so comfortable - I wash them and put them right back on the bed, after drying them outdoors

Holly K.

Dover, PA

Cotton Sheet Sets

July 17, 2017
Very pleased

I ordered the white cotton sheet set in queen size to supplement my other sheets. I love linen sheets and have several sets but the sheets I have do not have a fitted sheet option. There are times when I don't want to be bothered with struggling to make tight corners with my flat sheets. I wasn't expecting to love the new sheets because I am a huge fan of linen but to my surprise I love my new Thomas Lee sheets. They have a wonderful hand and appear to be made very well. The added plus is they remind me of the sheets I had as a child, crisp and cool like I remember. I am so pleased to have an easier option than my flat linen sheets when I'm feeling lazy.

Dana S.

New Iberia, LA

Cotton Sheet Sets

July 17, 2017
Perfect Sheet!

I have tried numerous brands of sheet and found these to be perfect! Truely cool to touch! My son won't sleep on any other sheets!


Austin, TX

Cotton Duvet Covers

July 16, 2017
perfect duvet cover

I own several sets of Thomas Lee sheets and have been longing for a matching duvet cover (purchased in the summer sale). I most appreciate the light weight quality of the material as I find the airy quality of the duvet in Texas is crucial to my good sleeping.

Kathi D.

Atascadero, CA

Cotton Sheet Sets

July 12, 2017
Very happy repeat (and repeat and repeat) customer

Since discovering this company and its supremely comfortable sheets a year ago, I have ordered several more times, as I upgrade my guest bedrooms with your wonderful products and add even more luxury to my own bed. The sheets and pillowcases are truly like the ones I remember from childhood, that my mother and I would hang on the clothesline to soak up the summer sunshine. It took me 40 years to find the equal to those, and I will not sleep on anything else now. There is nothing better to me than a nice cool pillowcase. The only "problem" is that its hard to get out of bed in the morning. The customer service is 100% plus--truly could not be better.

Kathi D.

Atascadero, CA

Cotton Duvet Covers

July 12, 2017
Beautiful, wonderful drape

I have now ordered two king and two queen duvet covers--for two guest beds and for my own king bed (one in the wash and one on the bed). They are so luxurious, with corded edges, beautifully luscious cotton that drapes so perfectly, that I plan to use them on my own bed without a top sheet. My beautiful Thomas Lee top sheet will now be used over the duvet cover to accommodate our Shelties with their occasionally dusty or muddy feet.

Kathi D.

Atascadero, CA

Granny Blankets

July 12, 2017
Wow, this blanket!

I ordered this blanket in queen size so that I could outfit a guest bedroom in all white--with Thomas Lee sheets and duvet cover (of course). After receiving it and giving it an initial wash, I tried it out and it was so supremely cozy and beautiful that I ordered one for my own king bed as well. Out go the microfiber blankets that I thought were my favorites!

Cheryl M.

Greenville, SC

Cotton Sheet Sets

July 11, 2017
Absolutely The Best

I recently bought my 2nd king size sheet set from your company. I was thrilled with my first purchase and this one is no different. By far, these sheets are so well made and comfortable that I didn't even think of looking anywhere else. High end store brands can't hold a candle to them. And, you don't have to wait forever for them once you place your order. Mine were delivered in 2-3 days. If you are thinking about purchasing, just go ahead and do it. You'll be so happy that you did.

Chris A.

Elkhorn, WI

Cotton Sheet Sets

July 10, 2017
Love your sheets

After reading the recommendation of your sheets in the Wall Street Journal a couple years ago, I've been sold on them ever since. They are the greatest sheets ever! I only wish my grandmother was still alive to 'tuck me in' at night.

Jean D.


Cotton Sheet Sets

July 08, 2017
Bedding review

Took a bit to receive, pre wash and use - spouse who has been looking for this type of Queen sheets (fitted) (flat) pillow cases was thrilled. He is very hard to please and would never have spent the money. Great gift for 40th anniversary:) Would like to place another order and spoke with Shelly about obtaining the "gift card and discount" I'd like to place on all beds. Sincerely, Jean Marie DeLio

Ann K.

Bedford, NY

Cotton Sheet Sets

July 08, 2017
Comfortable cooler night of sleep

Just purchased my second set of white Pima percale sheets. Love the quality. I sleep much cooler and dont get tangled up in the top sheet as it moves with the blanket. It does take several washing for the fabric to "bloom" and achieve that Aaaah smoothness of hand but it's worth it! These sheets remind me of the percale sheets I grew up with 50 years ago. The top sheet is oversized especially in length (I use a queen size set) and I don't like to tuck the end of the bed in for more freedom of movement so it looks a bit ridiculous when the blanket length is average, not oversized. Nonetheless, very happy with the product and glad to have a second set I. In the process of breaking in.

Frank M.

Augusta, GA

Cotton Sheet Sets

July 04, 2017
So pleased, that we ordered more!

I have become obsessed with finding the most comfortable sheets. I learned that crisp percale was what my wife and I like. Several independent reviews recommended Thomas Lee. Our first set has spoiled us, so this set is our second to ensure having Thomas Lee Sheets every night. They are cool, crisp, sturdy and laundry well. I would be negligent to fail to mention the outstanding customer service that Thomas Lee gives. I heartily recommend Thomas Lee Sheets!

Sandy R.

Knoxville, TN

Cotton Sheet Sets

July 03, 2017
Sheets of my dreams

I have a white set that is 7 years old and they just get better after every wash. I also have an ivory set. I LOVE these sheets. There is no other sheet on the market that compares. Soft, crisp, cool and a perfect percale weave, I've tried similarly priced percale sheets from Lands End and LL Bean and there is just no comparison. Thomas Lee sheets are the very best.I'll never order anything else in the future.

Lou G.

Grenada, MS

Cotton Sheet Sets

July 02, 2017
Best Sheets Money Can Buy!

I was looking for sheets that feel crisp and had some body to them. My son located them on the internet for me. Unlike sateen cotton sheets, these have a crispness unlike any I have had. They remind me of the sheets my grandmother used when I was a child. Have been a repeat customer now for about five years and won't settle for any other brand.

Elaine S.

Gresham, OR

Cotton Sheet Sets

July 02, 2017
Perfect sheets!

I have tried many kinds of sheets, looking for the luxury I longed to crawl into every night. Silk, satin, jersey, flannel, high thread count . . . you name it. What I really wanted, and found with Thomas Lee, was crisp, quality cotton sheets. The bonus is that I was able to get the extra deep, extra long single sheets we needed for our split, moveable base bed. Then a king size flat sheet for the top. Everything fits perfectly and they wash and wear very well. Happy Customer!

Dave R.

Mt. Juliet, TN

Cotton Sheet Sets

June 29, 2017
Wonderful Cotton Sheets

Like so many others, I was looking for the kind of sheets I remember from childhood--the crisp, clean ones that made it easier to fall asleep--especially in the summer. So I was so glad to find Thomas Lee sheets. Having recently taken advantage of the latest summer sale, they're now the only sheets in the linen closet at my house. I've been very pleased with how well they hold up to repeated washings.

Kathi D.


Cotton Sheet Sets

June 28, 2017
Simply the best!

I longed for sheets like I had when I was growing up--the cool, cool, cottons that weren't slippery or stiff, but just right. When I finally thought to google "cool sheets" Thomas Lee was the one that had the most enthusiastic good reviews. I LOVE THESE SHEETS!!! Told a friend about them and she loves them just as much. We feel silly about how often we talk about our wonderful Thomas Lee sheets.

Will M.

Birmingham, AL

Cotton Sheet Sets

June 27, 2017
Don't wast your time or money with anything else!

I'm about to buy my second set. I've had my current set for over 5 years now and although, I have other sets, I'll wash these and put them right back on the bed. As soft today as they were when new and they have held up phenomenally with constant use. You won't be disappointed!!

De K.

Kent, NY

Cotton Sheet Sets

June 26, 2017
The best sheets ever

Crisp. Cool. The perfect sheets. I love to dry on the line for nice crunch, but soft sheets. Long lasting.

Polly K.

Chicago, IL

Cotton Sheet Sets

June 25, 2017
Living Up To Their Reputation

The new Queen cotton sheet set arrived, was installed, and we couldn't be more pleased. Crisp, cool, and perfect, just as I had heard. They look marvelous, like a five star hotel bed, and feel that good, too. Best of all, the fitted sheet has a deep pocket, eliminating the struggle with the ridiculous mattress. What a treat and highly recommended as a wonderful way to improve the quality of your sleep.

Connie M.

naples, FL

Bamboo Fitted Sheets

June 25, 2017

Comfy and Cozy

Evelyn T.

Needham, MA

Cotton Sheet Sets

June 25, 2017
Wonderful sheets

The best sheets I've ever bought!

Michael R.


Cotton Sheet Sets

June 22, 2017
great sheets

This is my second set of perfectcale sheets, and their softness and substantial texture are a treat every night. great sheets and a great value.

Linda W.

Erie, CO

Cotton Pillowcases

June 22, 2017
Crisp & fresh for days! Substantial percale, high quality

Thomas Lee has been our favorite sheet source for years. Being inspired by our experience, I just ordered a set for each of our adult children as Christmas gifts. You don't have to iron them, but if you do, what a luxurious treat!

Scott D.

Des Moines, IA

Cotton Sheet Sets

June 22, 2017
Satisfied customer for many years

I have used these amazing sheets for many years in both my primary and vacation home. Over my lifetime I have had many manufacturers 500 thread count products and they never lasted long enough to even reconsider replacing. I saw an ad for Thomas Lee in a AD magazine and ordered based on their promise. Wow, it was true, and I recommend to all of my friends who covet good quality and comfort. Thank you guys for your commitment.

Deirdre B.

Orland Park, IL

Cotton Sheet Sets

June 20, 2017
Have purchased so much!

This is our second set of cotton sheets. We couldn't pass up the great deal. We actually love the HOTEL crispiness of the sheets and pillow cases. We don't want them to get soft. We also love the towels. All others, in the past from retail stores, curl up all over and are so hard to fold. These towels lay flat, stay fluffy and don't fade. What a great company. We don't plan on purchasing sheets, pillowcases or towels from any other company.

Barbara S.

Monroe Township, NJ

Cotton Sheet Sets

June 19, 2017
Best sheets ever

I had bought a set of sheets (with pillowcases) and shams a few years ago. Loved them so much, I bought shams for the second bedroom. The sheets are as wonderful today as when we bought them. I realized a few weeks ago how much I hated the off-weeks when I put our other sheets on the bed so bought a second set. Now we can sleep on wonderfully soft and beautiful sheets all the time.

Sandi T.

Virginia Beach, VA

Cotton Fitted Sheets

June 19, 2017
Nothing Like Them!

I love, love, love, these sheets. The more you wash them the softer and slicker they feel! This is my third set in probably 10 years - that's how long they last. I've been known to take them off the bed, wash once a week, and then put them right back on again. I don't want to sleep on anything else. The new ones I just got because, after awhile, I was having a hard time getting the white ones, white again as I'd used them so long - I knew they were clean - just a little dingy. So sprung for a new set in ivory. I know they will be great in a few more washings.

Elizabeth A.

Mooresville, NC

Cotton Sheet Sets

June 18, 2017
Love the sheets

These sheets remind me of the sheets my mother used when I was little. They are so crisp feeling. I especially like to have a hot sunny day when I can dry them outside and get that nice fresh air into them. Thanks for making a quality product. I have found they last a long time also

Mark L.

Grand Haven, MI

Bath Towels

June 18, 2017
Really Nice Towels

I recently experimented with Caro Home MicroCotton Shower Towels from Thomas Lee. I purchased 4 Oat colored towels. All of the towels were well sewn, uniform in color and with no weave defects. I washed them with a small amount of soap and about 1 cup of white vinegar the first time and then just a small amount of soap the second time. Both times the lint in the dryer screen was comparable to my really old towels that are literally falling apart and really need replacing. After the second washing there was very little to no lint clinging to your skin after showering and the absorb really nicely. These towels are not too thick or too thin. Time will tell how they hold up and if they reduce and stabilize their dryer linting in the future. For now, excellent towels and I will report back if my thoughts change.

Blake P.

Chaska, MN

Cotton Sheet Sets

June 13, 2017
Great so far!

I have bought several sheet sets over the years (high thread count cotton, linen, basic cotton) and I have to say these are the best. They do not shrink or pill like others have and I think they are the perfect weight; not too heavy or too thin. We have only had them for about six weeks, but so far I am impressed!

Penny R.

Flower Mound, TX

Cotton Sheet Sets

June 08, 2017
Love These Sheets

We've had our TL sheets for several years now, and nothing compares. So cool and crisp, yet soft. Accept nothing less.

Karen A.

Kingsland, TX

Cotton Sheet Sets

June 06, 2017
Needing split king sheets!

I love your sheets. They are the best I ever slept on. We recently bought an adjustable split king bed and I was very disappointed that you don't sell a set for this, or even individual sheets.

Thomas Lee

Official Response
Official Response

Hi Karen, We do offer individual sheets and pillowcase pair sets. We also offer twin x-long fitted sheets made to fit split king size beds. You will easily find them on our web site. Tom M

Patrick J.

Saint Peters, MO

Bath Towels

May 24, 2017
Soft and comfortable

I've had your sheets and comforters for years. Just bought set of towels to try and they are perfect. Will be buying many more.

Sarah W.

Newberry, FL

Cotton Sheet Sets

May 21, 2017
Cool and Crispy- Thicker than others

I've used these sheets for a couple months now and have learned the following; They are much thicker and tougher than most sheets (considering the price they ought to be). I bought cheaper body pillow cases to match and there is NO COMPARISON. The others look very thin next to the Thomas Lee sheets. They wrinkle A LOT. There is no way I would do without ironing. However, I found putting the bottom sheet on slightly damp or spritzing with water and smoothing out is all it needs. The top sheet MUST be ironed unless you have a blanket over it. If that is the case you can stretch it out, spritz it and smooth, The top 18" may still need ironed. I bought these sheets in a quest for the perfect summer sheets. The top sheet is thick enough to use alone. And they are crispy cool! I started using bleach. Sorry but I just like the clean feel so the fabric may break down sooner. But I've had cheaper sheets that I've bleached for over a decade and they are fine. Just to thin for my needs. I have to say I do not like the fact that they farm them out to Idia for manufacturing. I was looking to support an American Textile Company.

Sherri K.

Wheeling, WV

Cotton Sheet Sets

May 19, 2017
Cotton sheet sets

This will be our third set of sheets and we will never buy anything but Thomas Lee. We tried another brand claiming to be as good, but less expensive. We ended up giving them away and pledging never to sway from Thomas Lee again!

Susan L.

Silver City, NM

Cotton Sheet Sets

May 08, 2017
Sensitive Skin Folks Need to Know

My husband and I both like hefty cotton sheets that are not slick. Since my husband's restless legs ran a hole right through the last name brand heavy weight Egyptian cotton set, we have been searching for new sheets. Although the Thomas Lee sheets have a nice heft to them, they were extremely scratchy after one wash, so much so that I couldn't even lay on them for one hour. After I washed them three times, they were just as rough. I contacted the company and was advised that it can take five to ten washes for the sheets to soften. I would not expect to have to spend so much time and labor on something described as "luxurious". So, I washed my sheets five more times (eight total), and they are finally "acceptable" to me. The good news is that I do believe they will soften further. My husband's skin is not nearly as sensitive, and he thought they were fine after two washes. I have since purchased another brand from another source at half the cost, and they are just a tad lighter weight, but softened very well after three washes. It will be interesting to see which set holds up longer.

Mary A.

Lake Forest, IL

Cotton Sheet Sets

May 07, 2017
I love my sheets

These are hands down the best percale sheets you can own. I deal in vintage textiles and linens and covet my vintage percale sheets because they are heaven to sleep on. Now I have a source with Thomas Lee for new percale sheets. I love them, thank you.

Faith B.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Cotton Flat Sheets

May 02, 2017
The best sheets for the best nights sleep!!!!!

My husband calls me "the princess and the pea". I have always been on the hunt for the perfect sheet, I hang my sheets and then I iron them. So yes I am sheet fussy. Thomas Lee sheets are perfect, I have even slept on these wonderful sheets out of the dryer and not ironed. Still perfect!!!!!! Thank you Thomas Lee