The First Year Without My Father

By Gretchen Lindsay

“The First Year Without My Father” was born from the most exciting venture we are currently working on here at Thomas Lee Sheets. Content has been the focus of many conversations here recently and we wanted to create content that lived alongside our brand but was exclusively meant to be enjoyed. You won’t find mention of sheets, bedding or Thomas Lee in “The First Year Without My Father.”

Americana at its Finest

Our brand embodies the spirit of Americana and the values of a simpler time. “The First Year Without My Father” is chalk full of these sentiments and recalls the innocence of childhood and the special bond between family members. I hope you enjoy reading “The First Year Without My Father” as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Travel Back In Time

“The First Year Without My Father” is a story that whisks you away to yesteryear. It chronicles a man in his early 60’s who has just learned his father has passed away. “The First Year Without My Father” consists of two volumes written during the first six months of this first year.

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The First Year Without My Father

Volume I

In Volume I, our lead character attends his father’s funeral and is overcome with a surge of memories while standing at his father’s fresh grave. He finds himself enjoying the wave of nostalgia which causes him to fondly remember the stories he (and the gang of neighborhood kids) stirred up during his childhood summers spent at his paternal grandparents’ home.

Volume II

In Volume II, our lead character is about to experience the first Christmas without his father. He reflects on how his father made Christmastime a special occasion each and every year. In Volume II, we get a more intimate look into his immediate family and how family traditions that were created in the 1950’s, have continued to carry on into present day.

The First Year Without My Father

“The First Year Without My Father” is a tender reminder of the importance of family, the beauty of childhood and the impact of a father’s love.

Why I Wrote It

“The First Year Without My Father” is a poignant collection of memories that every reader can relate to. We have all experienced the feeling of tremendous loss after a loved one passes away. However, even in loss, there can be beauty. That beauty is usually found in the memories you associate with your loved one.

I wanted to write a story that every reader could connect to. My wish is that as our lead character reflects on his own childhood memories, every reader is able to reminisce about their own childhood. I also wanted to take our readers back to a simpler time that represents the spirit of Americana. My ultimate goal is that our readers enjoy getting lost in an evocative story that they can develop a personal connection to and transport themselves back to the memories of their own wonderful childhoods.

Gretchen Lindsay